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5 Ways You can be more Courageous in your Coaching

April 10, 20233 min read

As a coach, it’s essential to be courageous. The coaching process often involves guiding clients through difficult and challenging situations, and to do that, coaches must be brave enough to navigate those situations themselves. Courageous coaches are more effective in helping their clients achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

But being courageous can be easier said than done, especially for those who may be new to coaching or are struggling to find their footing. In this blog post, I’ll discuss five ways you can be more courageous in your coaching to help you become a more effective and successful coach.

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Be Vulnerable

One of the most courageous things you can do as a coach is to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means opening yourself up to your others and sharing your own experiences, fears, and insecurities. It takes courage to show others that you’re human, that you’ve been through challenges, and that you’re not perfect.

Being vulnerable (whilst staying in the coach role) allows your clients to relate to you and feel more comfortable sharing their own struggles with you. It also shows them that you’re willing to take risks and be honest, which can inspire them to do the same. By being vulnerable, you create a safe and trusting environment for your clients, which is essential for effective coaching.

What does showing vulnerability to others mean to you?

Take Risks

Courageous coaches are willing to take risks and try new things. Whether it’s implementing a new coaching technique or challenging a client to step out of their comfort zone, taking risks can lead to significant breakthroughs and growth for both you and your client.

Of course, taking risks can be scary, and there’s always the possibility of failure. But being courageous means being willing to take those risks anyway, trusting that you’ll learn from any mistakes you make and come out stronger on the other side.

What are some risks that you could begin to take in your coaching that would build your courage muscle?

Speak Your Truth

As a coach, it’s essential to speak your truth, even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Speaking your truth means being honest with your clients about what you may observe in your sessions, even if it’s not what they want to hear. It also means setting boundaries and standing up for yourself and your values and ethical integrity.

Speaking your truth requires courage because it can be hard to speak up when you know it might lead to conflict or disappointment with your client. But doing so can help you build trust and establish a strong coaching relationship with your clients.

Where are you not speaking your truth in your coaching?

Embrace Your Fear

Fear is a natural part of the coaching process, and it’s essential to embrace it rather than trying to push it away. Courageous coaches acknowledge their fears and work through them instead of letting them hold them back.

When you feel fear, take a moment to pause and acknowledge it. Then, examine where it’s coming from and how it’s impacting your coaching. Are you holding back from asking difficult questions? Are you hesitating to challenge your client’s assumptions? By acknowledging and working through your fears, you can become a more courageous coach.

In what situations do you feel afraid in your coaching?

Keep Learning and Growing

Finally, courageous coaches are always learning and growing. They’re willing to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and continue to develop their coaching skills.

This can include attending training sessions, working with a mentor or coach, or reading books and articles on coaching. By continuously learning and growing, you become more confident in your coaching abilities and better equipped to help your clients navigate challenges.

What learning would you like to do to continue to grow your courage?

In conclusion, being a courageous coach requires us to step into our higher coach, and in so doing we can inspire our clients to be more courageous in their own personal and professional lives.

The Masterful Coach | Coaching Supervision & ICF Mentor Coaching | United Kingdom & EMEA
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