Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach (ICF)

I’m a Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach partnering with professional female coaches to become more masterful by exploring your skills, competencies & models, wellbeing, ethical dilemmas & professionalism as a coach.

My passions and strengths include: helping you work on WHO you are as you coach, being more courageous & competent in your coaching, and simplifying coaching so it’s more easy, fun & fulfilling!

I'm looking forward to what we can create together! Mel 💗

Melissa is an ICF accredited coach (PCC) who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve more purpose, freedom and success in their lives. By focusing on helping her clients raise their self-awareness & leadership skills, they are able to create more conscious choices & lead more fulfilling lives & careers. 

Melissa is a trained Mentor Coach and Coach Supervisor assisting coaches in developing their skills, professionalism and coach maturity while focusing on wellbeing and resourcefulness.

As an experienced coach, and ex branding and market specialist, who has worked with hundreds of women throughout my career on their personal and professional identity & development, I believe the blend of what I can offer you, an ambitious authentic & courageous coach, is truly unique.


🎖️Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation

🎖️ Accredited Coaching Supervisor from ICCS

🎖️ Certified Mentor Coach with Coach Cachet

🎖️ Certified Professional Coach from iPEC (one of the top training schools in the world)

🎖️ Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) from iPEC

🎖️COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist from iPEC

🎖️COR.E Transition Dynamics Specialist from iPEC

🎖️ BA Multimedia

I also spent a year on the adjunct iPEC faculty team assisting lead trainers in delivering over 10 exceptional 30 hour coach training experiences.

I still actively coach through various organizations as an Associate (Leadership & Executive Coach)

I am working towards my MCC with the ICF

I receive regular coaching supervision and mentor coaching myself.

My mission as your Coach Supervisor and Mentor is to help you become even more conscious and competent, in an encouraging and reflective environment, so you can have a greater confidence and impact with your clients, and in turn raise the awareness of the yourself, your clients and the world.

I am always, also still learning.

I value growth and continue to try to improve my skill and craft as well - so I can be better for my clients, my family, myself and the world.

Music gives me life. Whether it's the latest hit by Ed Sheeran, a 90's classic or nature sounds - I come alive with sound. Plus, you haven't seen me on a dancefloor yet!

I love meeting new people and attending exciting events but in my heart, I'm a homebody and enjoy spending time relaxing with my family.

I love travelling and seeing new places, as well as going to warmer and sunny destinations. Originally from SA and living in Netherlands.


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